The Icelandic Horse

This “project” started when travelling around Iceland with my good friend Jordan Yerman. Initially just a funny one-off video for friends at Vík í Mýrdal, as we saw the amazing scenery around the country we kept coming up with funny ideas to keep it going – nearly all of them shot in one take.

Based on the reaction from friends as we posted on Facebook, the horse took on a life of its own and has travelled around the world, with extra collaborators including Marie van Renswoude-Giersch, Jake Brumby and a cast of extras.

  • The Icelandic Horse: Originals

    Where the horse started, on a trip around Iceland's famous Ring Road with Jordan Yerman.

    Originals >
  • The Icelandic Horse: Japan

    Spreading his wings / hooves, to a country where the culture was broad enough to accept him.

    Japan >
  • The Icelandic Horse: Norway

    For 2016, the horse headed above the Arctic Circle to travel on the Hurtigruten and visit the Lofoten Islands.

    Norway >
  • The Icelandic Horse: Rest of the World

    Mini-trips and appearances including Canada, France, Qatar and Scotland.

    Rest of the World >