Zeldman on the W3C compliance (or not) of top sites

Have been off the accessibility and web standards bandwagon a while, so interested to see Jeff Zeldman’s post on reviewing the top 100 US sites for W3C HTML compliance.

Only about a dozen sites at or near 100%, which really isn’t all that different from 5 years ago in my experience. Would be interesting to see some resarch and ideas on why this is the case – faster bandwidth lessening the effects of bloated code? More Web 2.0 and Ajax? Or lack of a stick to enforce web accessibility, given the lack of follow up to the SOCOG and Target cases?

With rich media such as Silverlight seeming to have hit another upward curve over the past 2-3 years, along with the brand new WCAG2 and WAI-ARIA standards frameworks being released, it seems that all the pieces have been thrown in the air for the moment. Might take another couple to get our bearings and work out what’s worthy of chasing up, what affects users most, and what to do about it.

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