IMAGE? Vegemite iSnack2.0: Worst Marketing of 2009?

I saw this in the Sun-Herald this morning and was actually wondering if it were a joke … is that really the best entry out of 48,000 attempts across the country? But then I suppose it’s really not that different to the idea it relates to – adding cream cheese to vegemite for no real discernible purpose.

the amazing iSnack2.0

And then there’s the corporate explanation [emphasis mine]:

‘Simon Talbot from Kraft Foods said: “The name Vegemite iSnack2.0 was chosen based on its personal call to action, relevance to snacking and clear identification of a new and different Vegemite to the original. We believe these three components completely encapsulate the new brand.”‘

Even with a degree in Marketing, I have next to no idea what he’s talking about. A joke name based on a fad that’s embarrassing even to a web professional is somehow descriptive of a sour tasting paste mixed with cream cheese, directs me to eat it and differentiates it … em … from the sour tasting paste by itself. Amazing.

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