Pokie Machines: The Office Equivalent

‘Normal’ folk (you know, pasty, middle class men and women slaving away in a grey office for 35 years in front of a flickering LCD screen) are probably the least likely to be found down at the local Pub or RSL sitting in front of the pokies, whiling away their hard-earned pennies with rhythmic pressing of the red button. No, that kind of mindless, repetitive activity is for the working class who need the cheap thrill, along with ciggies and a few schooners. Or is it?

I’ve noticed a similar affliction in corporate offices though: the F5 refresh.

In a nutshell, wage slaves bored by the next Report or Powerpoint presentation find their browser mysteriously drifting to a news site like the Sydney Morning Herald. There’s nothing new there of course: you checked it 90 seconds ago. But you hit F5 to refresh the screen, just in case. And one more time. And then back to the presentation … but you better check SMH again. JUST IN CASE. F5 … F5 … F5 …

Maybe that’s what makes ’em middle class though … they waste their employer’s time and money rather than their own.

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