EDIT IMAGES Seeing your web footprint via a Tag Cloud

By default, those of us working in the web for a living tend to leave a pretty decent footprint out there. By and large I don’t see this as an issue, as it’s generally my professional work on display, which any potential employer will see eventually anyway, so I’m basically giving them a shortcut.

(Though there are potential fallbacks for people putting more personal stuff out there on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Think of that old rule about not typing anything in email you wouldn’t want on the front page of a newspaper, then make it a public, permanent newspaper for those websites you don’t actually control.)

Anyways, the more vain and insecure amongst us can see this footprint easily via a Google Search on our name – for example, despite “Ian Stalvies” yielding 2,110 results, it’s still not the most popular Stalvies – that honour goes to the much smarter Charlotte Stalvies with 4,520 hits, who’s busy finding the origins of life on earth.

Whilst the Google Search is interesting in terms of how your name appears and what Google thinks is important, 123people.co.uk goes further by creating a tag cloud of how it sees you represented on the web, adding various attributes to your name. So out of curiousity, I decided to investigate some of my fellow web obsessives to see how they fared … (names obscured where appropriate!)

Ben Crothers

Tag Cloud for Ben Crothers

Instant Web 2.0 credibility, both with the tag itself and the related terms. Pretty obvious Ben’s also improving the government, country and the broader universe as well. Impressive, and presumably fuelled by the large COFFEE at top left. Even if it appears a fake Ben Crothers is distorting the results – either that, or Ben has a secret Tasmanian past he’s been hiding from us.

Ladan Wise

Tag Cloud for Ladan Wise

Wouldn’t have picked Ladan as a jingoistic soul, but the size of AUSTRALIA suggests she’s a bit of a flag waver. No prizes for guessing her job or favourite TV show … but no coffee, strangely enough.

Jordan Yerman

Tag Cloud for Jordan Yerman

What is it with Jordan and bridges? Presumably his tag cloud is the most changeable, given his constant news stream from NowPublic, though it’s nice to see NYC features prominently.

Jake Brumby

Tag Cloud for Ian Stalvies

Jake’s possibly the most diverse in terms of both interest (yoga, web, photography, driving?) and geography – can’t be too many other people connecting High Wycombe and Kuala Lumpur!

Some Other Guy

Tag Cloud for Ian Stalvies

Seems I have a Twitter problem …

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