Second extension: Flickr import

Having had a reasonably easy time uploading templates once I had found some (see previous post!), I decided to see how efficient it would be to import Flickr photos as well. Conceptually this doesn’t seem too difficult – after all, Yahoo! not only categorises the photos by sets and collections, each with their own ID, but is happy to provide an API key for developers to include their content in other formats.

Thus, I obtained an API key and added the Flickr4j extension, after which I implemented a set from my recent travels using a simple code snippet: [flickr set=72157606861626315]. At first glance, this seemed to create the desired result, even if the thumbnails do not quite line up:

Flickr 1

Investigating further however, I found that none of the thumbnails link through to anywhere else on the site, making them useless!

From there I decided to try adding an individual photo, but bizarrely, even though using a totally different code snippet – [flickr photo=2782695758 size=medium] – the set was repeated, suggesting a code bug:

Flickr 1

So doesn’t look like Flickr4j is the solution. Next attempt: Ozio Gallery.

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