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Part of the prototype I am building includes pages including RSS feeds from authors I regard as the best in the industry – ie. an attempt to get some of their lustre to reflect on me! I thought it might be worth an explanation of why I think they’re worthwhile:

  • 456 Berea Street is the blog of Roger Johansson, based in Sweden, who generally sticks to web standards and accessibility issues. Generally a very easy tone – unfortunately he disabled comments on his posts recently, citing time constraints, which has taken a little of the quality out of the site.
  • A List Apart – simply THE essential industry reference.
  • Links for Light Reading” – Sydney designer Russ Weakley publishes a set of interesting goings on in the web industry every week or so: perfect for the lazy web person who doesn’t make time to go search out this information themselves.
  • – Web Standards Group zealot and now Microsoft employee Molly Herzschlog.
  • Simplebits – Dan Cederholm, for his clean and semantic approach to code (author of great tomes such as “Bulletproof Web Design” and “Web Standards Solutions”)
  • Jeff Zeldman presents – Jeff Zeldman, who not only runs HappyCog and helps to publish A List Apart, but also keeps a keen eye on the web.

Originally I actually had a few others, but removed them to keep things lean and mean, for example:

  • – a British designer, Richard Rutter – probably a bit too design-focused for my needs. Plus, I don’t know what a Clagnut is.
  • – CSS guru Eric Meyer – the master of CSS, but excluded because he doesn’t always provide updates that often …

One thought on “RSS feeds from the industry

  • October 12, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Ian
    This is a great set of resources and thanks for bringing them to the front of our attention and sharing them with us. Your descriptions of the sites are a great summary of them. I did know they sit on your website, I’ve been meaning to go and have a look at your links but just haven’t. I think that is typical of a user actually. If it’s not in your face you just don’t go there unless absolutely necessary.

    PS I still need to do my “marking”…
    PPS What is the ALA image you are referring too? Is that on the DET schools website? The rotating image is the main banner – it changes every 10 sec or so. It’s not flash and loads immediately. (too advanced for me)

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