Quick progress summary …

So achievements up to and including Monday night …

  • Have hacked into the beez template and given it a basic Stalvies.net makeover. Not aiming for a final result, but rather trying to bring the template to heel! Header, footer, body, styles etc.
  • Seem to have good understanding and control of modules now and how they fit in, even if they aren’t always willing to do my bidding.
  • Navigation not perfect for my needs (ie. available as tabs) but working otherwise with sections, categories etc.
  • 4 photo galleries up using the Ozio extension, which I’ve made validate
  • RSS feed incorporated using the Joomla feed module, rather than the MagpieRSS extension (which didn’t validate). I created a custom HTML module to sit over the top of these, as wanted a different header than the author.

So a bit of tidying up to do, but the main elements of my Learning Proposal are satisfied EXCEPT having the normal / widescreen view. Having second thoughts about that one (given browser research which suggests 1280×1024 pixels is the next resolutionup in popularity, which would be a minimal difference) but once I have a bit more content in, might give it a go just to check if it’s possible.

One thought on “Quick progress summary …

  • October 28, 2008 at 5:51 am

    Huh, I just did an almost identical post (in terms of a progress summary). Isn’t it funny how something like having a presentation due forces you to reflect on what’s done/what’s not done. Sounds like your there – looking forward to seeing your work.

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