More touches for the Learning Proposal

OK I’ve finally got feedback on my Learning Proposal draft so starting to put some thought into how to practically realise some of the ideas. I’m starting to think that items 3-5 (PHP elements, create database for portfolio, create XML module and incorporate feeds) might not be best developed in isolation – ie. updating a portfolio entry would still need an extra step to update the navigation, even if that navigation is controlled by a single file across the whole site.

As it happens, I already recognised this as a principle with my last goal – “6. Integration between element.” But rather than work out the individual elements and then the integration strategy, I’m wondering whether a CMS might me a good idea to do a lot of the hard work for me.

Looking up “PHP CMS” I’ve found one called Joomla! which is open source, and thus free. The website is impressive enough to think that what they have will be easy-to-use, but from experience this could also mean that the (standard) functionality will be locked down, thus not meet my needs. I’m having a look at the sales pitch, which seems pretty convincing, although the many broken links aren’t the best advertisement!

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