Joomla: We have structure and style

So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the past few weeks, I’m starting to get the makings of a prototype up and running with Joomla.

Main lessons learnt so far:

  1. There are a heap of menu options available on Joomla. The ‘Top Menu’ and ‘Main menu’ are deceptive in that both appeared to be the parent menu for the whole site, whereas in reality it could be either.
  2. The menu options are organised completely separately from the sections / categories / articles tree structure, which threw me off for a while.
  3. Have managed to find SiteGround as a resource for different templates, downloaded a couple and added to the site. So as I type this, there’s a big picture of a couple of lions and colours to match, though this can and will change …
  4. Have yet to work out how to hack into templates, this will happen per my system plan when I have wireframes finalised and thus some direction.
  5. The site is s-l-o-o-o-w, especially in a direct comparison with WordPress, which is already running on the same server.
  6. RSS feeds are built in, which is nice, but will need to modify these I think.
  7. Have not tried the Flickr extension yet, but will do soon.

So a long way to go still, but have made substantial progress in understanding how things work. Being so complex, it’s actually different from a lot of web projects where you start with a blank sheet of paper and build up – instead, the goal here is to take a complicated system and cut it down to my needs.

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