Joomla first thoughts …

Right, so managed to get over the first steps of trying to install Joomla – yep, starting small – and it’s now sitting on this website here.

First thoughts? Not that impressed really. The logic as they explain it in the documentation seems straightforward enough,
an order of

  1. Sections
  2. Categories
  3. Articles

So far, so good. But to me that suggests that when you create a section, you have a page under it plus links to the categories, then under the categories, links to articles.

However … from what I can make out, articles are what the whole thing rests on, and the structure kind of works backwards from them, which seems an illogical approach.

Early days, but another option I tried to turn on (partly to try and understand the above) was “Search-friendly URLs” … which in the current template I am using, actually provide an unfriendly URL (eg., the problem being the “.php” in the middle) as well as stuffing up the CSS on the lower levels.

So maybe you get what you pay for with open source! Was annoyed enough this morning that I briefly went over to the Drupal site … but I think I’m too far down the road of Joomla!, so I will keep going and see what I can figure out.

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