Joomla! – first annoyances …

Tried to install Joomla! in a folder on this site last night but didn’t even get close to halfway … the FTP on the iMac cut out again, and again, and … again. Until I gave up and resolved to try again (again!) this evening using the PC. Reason I think this might make a difference – I kept getting the Spinning Beach Ball of Death in Dreamweaver, which like Flash just doesn’t like the Mac as much as you would think.

Let’s hope Joomla! doesn’t get more exclamation marks (!)

One thought on “Joomla! – first annoyances …

  • September 10, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Hey Ian,

    It can sometimes be difficult to upload dozen of files at once, especially if the FTP server or the connection is a bit slow. If your web host allows telnet or SSH access, then you could try to upload a ZIP archive containing all the files. And then login via telnet or ssh to the server to unzip the archive.

    Hope it helps!


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