Joomla and Flickr combine for good over evil

Having tried previously to import Flickr photos with Flickr4j, I made a 2nd attempt using Ozio Gallery module. This has a range of ‘skins’, of which I only got one to work – but luckily this is a very neat and tidy import with typical Flickr controls to navigate easily through my photos, set by set.

Minor-ish issues:

  • Ozio import is limited to a 500px wide import within an iframe, which ideally I would like larger. Not sure if Ozio have created this restriction or if it came with the Flickr API.
  • As modules need to be attached to a component – which in turn live within the main navigation – it doesn’t look like I can easily create a submenu over on the right to quickly click through sets, as I have on my current site. Another investigation if I have time at end of Semester …

But enough complaining, here’s the results:

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