Inspiration required …

OK so the Learning Draft is in, I know what I want to build, and … it’s time to start sketching wireframes and more detailed planning.

Tough job though: the idea is to improve on the home page of this site, and as I look at the existing structure I’m remembering how much effort I put into getting the information architecture right in the first place – making it extremely difficult to build upon, even 4-5 years later.

Sure there are some ideas though – over on the left hand side, for instance, there’s a lot of screen real estate devoted to very little information, that I can probably integrate to free up some room. The ‘portfolio’ section was pretty slim back in 2003, but after a lot of web roles and even more photography, there’s enough to justify a lot more presence on the home page.

One of the ideas is to provide two separate templates, creating different views of the home page – ie. one as it is now for 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, but another ‘widescreen’ view, either completely fluid or limited at 1600px wide. It’ll be interesting to see what ideas I can find.

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