Give Labor and Liberal a kick up the behind

Are you bored of rubbish politicians hogging the airwaves with the same old, same old “vision” every 3 years?Why is it that in a nation of over 21 million, we have just two political parties to choose from?Noticed how alike Labor and Liberal seem to be in pretty much every “policy” they’ve come up with?

* Protecting the workers … unless they think there’s votes in sucking up to business.
* Opposing Capital punishment … unless they think there’s votes in saying someone deserves it
* Saving the environment … unless they think there’s votes in someone destroying it (eg. Tasmania)

The big parties not only get more funding from our system, but lots of $$$ in donations from business and unions etc – interest groups, in other words, that don’t always have the interests of the average citizen at heart. As a result the “democracy” we live in is less decided by the people (one vote each) than by money (with power going to those with the most of it).Here’s a suggestion: take your own Government back by voting against BOTH major parties on November 24. Doesn’t matter who you DO vote for – Independent, Democrats, Family First, Greens, Monster Raving Loony Party, whatever – but make sure you put Labor and Liberal LAST and SECOND LAST on your ballot paper.They’ll still form alliances, coalitions and so on, but the key part is that the Government, whoever it is, might actually be forced to negotiate and prove their ideas rather than just ramming some ideological and/or populist agenda down our throats – again!

This is OUR government – if we want them to represent us citizens, it’s time we got people who are actually REPRESENTATIVE OF US. If not, we get what we vote for – the same old, same old … yet again.

Just a thought.

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