GA Workshop: Pitching Investors

Just attended a workshop at General Assembly, focused on pitching to investors and specifically, how to organise the slide deck.

Only three of us there which made for a cosy session – one with an idea already up and running, one with a prototype just starting to think about how to sell (me), and one there for a future pitch one he’s developed something.

The main points I took away from the session:

  • The sale has little to do with rationality, and everything to do with emotion – are you confident? In control? Do you make your audience feel the same way?
  • That said, whatever you’re selling has to be solving a problem for one audience,  and making money for another.
  • As with everything, short and sharp is essential: cut words, use images and icons, keep the deck to 12 slides or less.
  • Tell your story, be passionate and know your strengths and weaknesses. For me, it confirmed that whilst I have no problem presenting to a crowd or selling to stakeholders, having a front man or woman always frees me up to get on with the job of delivering something.

The challenge with my own potential product, but for me also the opportunity, is that it’s running almost directly opposite to the mantra of MVP and keeping things small – because its main selling point is to join a bunch of disparate pieces.

Next: working on the sales pitch and sketching the first draft of my own pitch.


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