Flashback: Canyon Swing

Having just given up my last DVD drive as my 2008 Macbook Pro bit the dust, I’ve been collating old CDs and DVDs online to make sure those precious memories (!) don’t get lost.

One of those was in 2006, when I was in New Zealand and did the Canyon Swing just outside Queenstown – jumping 60 metres straight down into a 109 metre drop, followed by a 200 metre swing across the canyon.

My approach was pretty straightforward:

  • I made sure I went first, so I didn’t have to watch anyone else freaking out about their jump (one person paid $160 or so, but chickened out)
  • I tried to ignore the operators trying to wind me up (e.g. pretending it was their first day, and they weren’t sure which ropes to tie)
  • Finally, I cleared my brain of pretty much all thoughts and just jumped – after which there was no turning back!

Video proof below …

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