First look at Google Chrome …

So like a whole bunch of other web nerds around the globe, I downloaded Chrome as soon as I could on Wednesday to see what all the fuss was about.

First thoughts? I like it a lot – 3 main things I noticed:

  • It’s amazing how much more screen real estate there seems to be, even though in reality it’s probably only 100 pixels high or so more than Firefox. I think it’s just the fact that the visual clutter has been removed.
  • Nice feature having the thumbnails on the start page for quick access to your most visited sites … just a pity they didn’t give credit to Opera, who have had the same thing called Speed Dial for over a year now.
  • Minor irritation – I’m someone that “auto-hides” the taskbar in Windows to give me more screen real estate. Chrome disables this behaviour, so I have to either close it or use ALT-TAB to get to another program quickly.

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