First extension: templates

Once I got the navigation more or less understood and working on Joomla, it was time to see what I could do with the templates. The first objective, rather than hacking into a template itself, was to find a site with predeveloped templates to see how different layouts and styling merges with the Joomla code. The best resource I have found to date is SiteGround, which provides around 50 templates with a range of different visual styles, though it should be noted that all adhere to a simple format of header + 3-column layout.

Provided the template is set up correctly, installation is quite simple – using the extensions manager, you simply browse for the file and then select ‘upload and install’ to implement.

The template manager then enables you to select the template you have uploaded as the ‘default’ for your site – the trick then is to ensure that the template you have chosen does not break the content that you have already uploaded, although presumably that will be fixable when I get to the point of editing the templates.

For now, here’s my lion-themed template:


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