Firefox extensions

As the front-end coders in the course have been listing their fave Firefox extensions, thought I might do the same!

  • 456 Berea Street listed a few extensions recently, mainly to do with accessibility but also including a nifty screengrab feature.
  • Something I’d never really considered, as I don’t use it, but there are a number of extensions possible for the FF sidebar such as WordPress, Facebook and Google Maps. Clever …
  • Everyone’s favourite, the Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick, has just released version 1.0. The “1.0” bit surprised me given I’ve been using it for about 3 years!
  • Lastly – dead simple, but a Godsend for the chronically lazy like me at the end of a content-intensive site: the Link Checker extension by Kevin Freitas. One click and it tells you whether a page has any broken links … ahhh … of course this doesn’t tell you whether the links are going to the right place, but it’s a start!

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