Extremely irritated.

Back for another play around with Joomla! and realising that the best test of any software application is how intuitive it is. Having worked (from a pure user point of view) with some content management systems previously, I generally find you can log in and do some things straight away, especially adding articles, sections etc and seeing the results instantaneously.

But not Joomla! – when I try to add a new section or category, for example, I have no idea where or even if this section has actually appeared on the site. Trying to add an article – which I’m guessing is the way to make the section somehow appear as a page – allows me to assign the article to a category but diesn’t actually tell me the URL so that I can check it.

Next, trying to add a menu item gives me a bewildering array of options for ‘menu item type’ such as “wrapper”, “polls” and “separator” – em, I just want a menu item. Why would I want a menu item to appear as a poll? Ridiculous.

So in my view, Joomla! has failed it’s first tests. Miserably. Tomorrow night I’ll start with the idiot’s guide and see if that gets me anywhere.

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