DMT Week 4: Server side

As with the client side version last week, it was great to start with the “framework” of the web again and get a high level picture as to what we are actually trying to achieve, rather than getting straight down to the detail of the trees (rather than the forest)

I’m still a little concerned at the lack of acknowledgement for the more commercial technologies, ie. .NET and regular SQL. As I noted under my header “The Demonisation of Microsoft” in Week 3, for all their flaws, the simple fact is that any web graduate will have to encounter them at some stage in their career, so best be prepared.

That said, having grabbed a couple of chunks of PHP in the distant past, I can confirm that it’s generally VERY well laid out and easy for a novice to understand.

Looking at resources, I’ve so far found the following to be of use …

  • A List Apart (Code) – actually a bit surprised with this one in that there are apparently only 16 articles in this section – I would have presumed a lot more!
  • PHP.NET – this site seems to have a lot on PHP as well as MySQL, which makes it a double hit for this course and for development in general.

In my past experience, I’ve found the easiest way to find good resources and learn them is through practice, so I imagine I will find a lot more useful elements in the next few weeks!

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