Curious Product and UX: Event Cinemas

Very excited to finally see Rogue One this week and felt like going on a cheap ticket, so went straight to Event Cinemas hoping for that air-conditioned comfort on a hot day.

Whilst UX for the booking process is generally pretty smooth, the below made me wonder whether there’s anyone looking at the “balcony view” – taking a step back, going through checkout with a curious mind and just generally bashing around:

  • No less than three special $12.50 ticket offers to entice me back … but seemingly the same offer in three different ways, and for reasons unknown adding a $4 surcharge so that they’re actually $16.50.
  • Child? Pensioner? Senior? Student? Don’t worry, we’ve kept things simple by keeping every ticket at $17.00, and listed them separately to reduce confusion.
  • A minor issue, but visually the UI control to choose ticket quantity looks like a simple “add/remove with a single click” … until you actually click in the area, and have to select from a long dropdown of 0-10.

From a UX viewpoint the above isn’t a big deal – there’s great sizing and contrast on design elements, and a straightforward workflow. But presuming the Product Management and Marketing intent is to entice customers with a discount, a few simple changes could ensure that they deliver on expectations and get more people into the VMAX (with a few options to choose from nearby, I downgraded physical comfort to get a $10 deal at the Randwick Ritz)



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