The US Debt Crisis: an alternative solution next time

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Congressional Leaders have finally clinched a deal on the US debt crisis, similar to those letters I get from time to time from my bank offering to raise my credit limit (ok a few more zeros on theirs, but fair enough given I haven’t wasted $3 trillion on an ill-advised war in the last ten years).

As with many issues though, Google Ads provides the answer – they could have made the problems “go away today” just by calling some Licensed experts. Who would’ve thought?

Google ads: solving the US debt crisis today

Seeing your web footprint via a Tag Cloud

By default, those of us working in the web for a living tend to leave a pretty decent footprint out there. By and large I don’t see this as an issue, as it’s generally my professional work on display, which any potential employer will see eventually anyway, so I’m basically giving them a shortcut.

(Though there are potential fallbacks for people putting more personal stuff out there on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Think of that old rule about not typing anything in email you wouldn’t want on the front page of a newspaper, then make it a public, permanent newspaper for those websites you don’t actually control.)

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