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  • IMAGE? The classic Henin “backhand” …

    I always knew my own tennis backhand was crap, but now I realise I’ve doing it the wrong way! Either that or the SMH sub-editors aren’t what they used to be … Still, Ivanovic vs Henin today. Nice.

  • Australian Open news quote

    Typically here in Australia we love to bag what we see as the British determination (and/or desperation, delete as applicable) to trumpet ANY sort of sporting success, no matter how minor, to fill up their sports pages with some sort of local interest. This practice is getting more difficult though, in particular with the likes […]

  • How to stop Australia’s sporting dominance

    During the dog days of the 1980s, when New Zealand beat us at cricket and Glynis Nunn led our Olympic charge, supporting Australian sport was the game of a masochist. Never again, we cried, pouring money into the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport), hosting the Olympics with a bunch of gold medals, and raising a […]