Bravo Obama, and a reflection on Dubya

Change indeed. Let’s hope the actions are just as good as the promise!

Stumbled across an old Matthew Parris article today which was fascinating reading 4 years after the last election – a discussion on how the neocons should be allowed the full 8 years to implement their “vision”, as that is the only way it can be defeated by both argument and action.

“What the President and his advisers are trying to do will be a colossal failure. But failure takes time to show itself beyond contradiction. The theory that liberal values and a capitalist economic system can be spread across the world by force of arms, and that the United States of America is competent to undertake this task, is the first big idea of the 21st Century. It should be tested to destruction. The opening American presidency of the new millennium — George W. Bush, 2001-2009 — should serve as an object lesson to the world for the decades to come. There must be no room left for argument. The President and his neoconservative court should be offered all the rope they need to hang themselves. When they do, when they fail, when America’s dream of becoming the new Rome dies, there should be no possible excuse, no straw at which Republican apologists can clutch.”

That said, as a good friend of mine suggested, paying for that rope is an expensive way to prove a point.

One thought on “Bravo Obama, and a reflection on Dubya

  • November 12, 2008 at 5:38 am


    Good to see you blogging again about non DMT stuff. I don’t know if I can make that transition (but would love to).

    Re the article – yes I felt a bit “cut your own nose to spite your face” (or however it goes) when I read that article. But so interesting to read it 4 years on! Bush did just keep giving it one more “heave” – he really did just believe the people of Iraq should think like he does.

    See ya soon.

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