Alexander Downer: a waste of space

Please, please, please let Alexander Downer’s business proposals bear fruit so that the pompous idiot will leave Parliament.

For some reason, the former Foreign Minister has been over the media today (eg. this paper, and ABC’s Lateline) snivelling that the US of A and it’s lackeys (that would be us) were fully justified invading the sovereign nation of Iraq 5 years ago. Irritating enough given the burning mess left there in our names, but all the more so as Alex is helpfully explaining “why” they went in.

WMD? No, apparently the main reason was that Saddam was a bad, bad man, and had killed lots and lots of people. Very true. But below is the arguments Alex was spouting about the UN back in 2002 [emphasis mine]:
“Iraq, North Korea and WMD

The global terrorism threat has given new urgency to our disarmament and non-proliferation goals; and to our commitment to work together to prevent the spread of WMD – both to non-state and state actors.

We have to be alive to possible links between terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, and certain states we know [or we decide?] are responsible for their proliferation.

For over a decade Iraq has flouted legally binding obligations to disclose and eradicate its weapons of mass destruction programs. It has defied UN resolutions, UN inspections and UN sanctions. [indeed … but ok for their neighbours Israel when it comes to annilihating THEIR neighbours …]

There is no question as to Iraq’s past use of chemical weapons, including against its own people [or of the Global Superpower that gave him the tools to do so. Again you weren’t there in time Alex! No wonder you pretend to forget the little corruption business with AWB. It just doesn’t compare does it?]

And we know Iraq is still producing chemical and biological weapons [actually, no], and has endeavoured to produce nuclear weapons [actually, no].

If Iraq’s pursuit of these abhorrent weapons continues, in a few years we may be asking ourselves why we failed to act decisively when we still could.

The international community must now draw the line, and Saddam must disarm – there can be no more prevaricating, no more conditions, no more undermining of the UN’s authority [surprised he didn’t substitute “Australia” for “UN” here].

We therefore support a tough new Security Council inspection regime for renewed, unconditional and unfettered access to suspected weapons of mass destruction sites.

We hope for a peaceful resolution to this situation [sure Alex – I’m sure you were praying by the bedside every night, mate] – the onus is now squarely on Iraq to allow this to happen.”

To think this man was our alternative Prime Minister at one stage …

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