Implementation Manager

  • 2000-2002
  • 4
  • 80+

Monster is the world’s leading recruitment network with sites in 21 countries. The Asia Pac region in this period included Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

I was initially hired as a Traffic Manager, and was promoted 6 months later to a dual role managing internal projects, as well as “white label” implementations of Monster functionality on client sites.


  • Led Asia-Pacific launch of Monster Office HQ, for all client HR activity on This included management of all milestones, localisation of content for five countries, and the design of new processes to be used by Client Services staff globally.
  • Managed implementation of client projects accounting for over 30% of Monster company revenue, including BHP Billiton, Oracle, Compaq and Peninsula Hotels.
  • Developed efficient processes and procedures for Web Support team, keeping staff costs static for 18 months whilst organisation size grew by 75%.
  • Co-ordinated Web Support team of four staff.
  • Review, redesign and documentation of all processes relating to Web Support, including staff training where required.
  • Created technical documentation for the creation and maintenance of Monster’s three major client products (Career Site Hosting, Alliances and MonsterTRAK), as well as comprehensive client documentation for each Monster product.
  • Co-ordination and setup of company intranet.
  • Co-ordinating full launch of sites in New Zealand and India.

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