I’ve been working in digital since the year 2000, and over that time I’ve become someone that connects many moving parts, with the customer and UX on one side and executives, business stakeholders and technology on the other.

This means the hats I wear include UX Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager, the common thread being to build a great product and experience that makes customer’s lives easier and businesses more efficient.

Specifically, I’m most enthusiastic about these things:

  • Great design, which to me is typically an intuitive structure and customer journey, obvious affordance and functionality, and beautiful visuals incorporating contrast and hierarchy to guide the user;
  • Building something that people will use to solve a problem, and develop a relationship over time to make their lives easier; and
  • Developing teams of diverse skills and experience, building on their strengths and interactions to make the total greater than the sum of the parts.

Whilst the majority of my roles involve strategy, stakeholder management and design, I also jump into the trenches if needed to get projects delivered, whether that’s content updates, hands-on testing or administration to get a release across the line.

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