NOTE: These case studies are from the previous version of, up to and including 2005.

Quite a bit has happened since then which I’ll document soon!

  • BHP Billiton Jobs

    Intranet, extranet and internet jobs across global locations.

    BHP Billiton >
  • Bicester - Accessibility

    One of the first 'AAA' websites in the UK.

    Bicester >
  • Coke - Cocktails

    Engaging B2B users with cocktails for pubs, bars and restaurants.

    Coke - Cocktails >
  • Coke - My Career

    Comprehensive careers advice and guidance intranet for UK staff.

    Coke - My Career >
  • Drink Galaxy - Reminders

    Birthdays and anniversaries sent direct to your inbox just in time.

    Drink Galaxy >
  • Fresca - Process

    Review of the client and web team production process.

    Fresca >
  • Monster Office HQ

    HR and jobs management for recruiters in Europe, the US and Asia Pac.

    Monster Office HQ >
  • Northern Tool - Usability

    Acclaimed redesign of large B2C site for usability and accessibility.

    Northern Tool >
  • Rio Tinto - Accessibility

    Review of all Rio Tinto sites for compliance with UK accessibility laws.

    Rio Tinto >
  • Rolls-Royce - Global Locator

    Flash development linking 150+ Rolls-Royce locations.

    Rolls-Royce >

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